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This supercharged fully composted, biologically activated organic fertiliser is specifically designed to include 4 forms of Natural Nitrogen, 4 forms of Natural Phosphorus, 3 forms of Natural Potassium, 4 forms of Calcium, 2 forms of Sulphur and 2 forms of Silicon. WHY SO MANY? Plant growth is all about the availability of nutrients to the plant and that means feeding a diverse soil biology that converts essential elements into plant available forms. By design Organic Life offers more than one form of the same nutrient, to stimulate many forms of that unseen workforce, to deliver nutrients with different complimentary release times, supporting the plant, offering the available nutrient when the plant needs it. SO WHAT DOES EACH NUTRIENT DO? Nitrogen (N) – In simple terms, nitrogen promotes plant growth and supplied in the right form, along with a balanced potassium analysis will deliver strong plants and superior yield and quality. Nitrogen is associated with leafy, vegetative growth. It’s part of every protein in the plant, including enzymes so it’s required for virtually every process, from growing new leaves to defending against pests. Nitrogen is also an important part of the ’green’ in chlorophyll, giving plants their green colour and creating food and energy through photosynthesis. Lack of nitrogen shows up as general yellowing of the plant because chlorophyll density is impaired. Phosphorus (P) – The ‘energy nutrient’ enables the plant to establish strong root and shoot systems early in the growth cycle, creating the best foundation for growing, flowering and fruit set. Phosphorus is another vital element associated with photosynthesis. It works in two ways by first assisting to capture the sun’s energy and then producing the carbohydrate building blocks used in every plant growth process. Adequate Phosphorus creates a strong foundation in young plants but many people don’t realise that a plant requires 2-3 times more energy, after establishment to flower, set a crop and finish with a good yield. Phosphorus needs to be available to the plant every day, that’s why Organic Life® has been developed with several forms of (P) to extend the release and availability. Potassium (K) – The quality nutrient moves carbohydrates around the plant and assists in fruit filling. Potassium improves plant stress tolerance, stimulates early growth, improves the efficiency of water use within cells and aids in developing resilience against disease and insects. Calcium (Ca) – A vital nutrient needed for the cell division and strengthening the cell wall. Good calcium nutrition is associated with improved disease resistance. Calcium also helps many other plant nutrients transfer across cell membranes in the growth process of plants. Calcium is required in so many plant processes it is important for plant vigour and promoting strong growth right through the production phase and life cycle of the plant. Calcium aids in growth, and in seed formation. Sulphur (S) – Sulphur partners with nitrogen to produce quality plant proteins. Sulphur is a key component in the development of strong aromatic properties in plants like onions and garlic. Sulphur also helps plants develop natural resistance to disease and aids in growth and seed formation. Silicon (Si) – Silicon is deposited in the plant cell walls and partners with calcium to improve cell wall structural rigidity and strength, plant and leaf architecture. Silicon in plants can stimulate nutrient uptake and photosynthesis, increase natural immune response and decrease susceptibility to disease and insect damage. Silicon can also alleviate water and environmental stresses associated with water quality (salinity) and various mineral stresses.