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No matter what your power source or location, the new Gallagher MBS Energizer range provides a high performing and convenient animal control solution.

• Use any power source

• Maximum fence performance in all operating modes

• Fast, flexible installation 

Mains Power Source

Designed for permanent installation where reliable mains power is available. In mains mode, the Energizer will always deliver maximum energy at a fixed pulse rate.

Mains leadset supplied with product.

Where mains power is unreliable, pair with a Gallagher Battery Back-up Charger and a 12V rechargeable battery to power your energizer if your mains goes down. See page 14.

Battery Back-up Charger and 12V battery sold separately.

Battery Power Source

Designed for portable, temporary fencing solutions.

In battery mode, the Energizer will always deliver maximum energy at a fixed pulse rate. When the battery drops to 40% capacity, the unit reduces power consumption to extend run time, before stopping at 20% to prevent battery damage. The battery capacity is shown by the number of illuminated lights on the LED bar graph when the energizer is in battery check mode.

Battery leadset supplied with product. Battery sold separately.

Solar Power Source

Gallaghers intelligent MBS Energizers and easy to install solar kits monitor battery voltage. The Energizer will adjust output when required to ensure continuous operation, maximise your fence performance and extend the life of your battery.

Gallagher solar kits and battery sold separately.