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Horsemate is the ultimate absorbent Horse Bedding

 Horsemate is deal for all types of horse lovers like trainers, leisure riders and dressage competitors. With Horsemate you can save precious time and money, cut consumption and offer your horses the comfort of natural, recycled wood pellets that are extra absorbent and odour free.

Key features of Horsemate

As Horsemate activates quickly this means that you save time. There is no standing around waiting and there is no need to waste money on hot water.

When the odour causing liquid is absorbed, the anti-bacterial properties work much more quickly stopping odour.  Urine doesn’t get a chance to get to the floor and spread everywhere, like it does with shavings.  You get a low odour, dryer stable for your horse.

The heat treatment of Horsemate, and its natural ant-bacterial properties means your stables are more sanitary with less chance of infections.

With Horsemate being easy to use, a workable, quick maintenance routine can be easily established.  Anyone can do it quickly and effectively – everyone saves time.

When dust reduced Horsemate is used in a stable it is just the right moisture content, giving you a low dust stable. The low dust environment created means less chance of respiratory problems for your valuable property.

A Hosemate stable produces less waste and takes less time to maintain meaning you save money by using less bedding, on an ongoing basis, and having less waste to store or remove. You save money on labour, bedding and waste disposal.

With a whole tonne of bedding using just one pallet space you have more workable area to use, which we all know can be a valuable resource.

Everyone these days is looking at the benefits of a low environmental impact for them and their children into the future. Using Horsemate is environmentally friendly, with less onsite waste and less valuable resources going into land fill.  It’s good for the environment.