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HoofPRIME is a dressing formulated to penetrate the hoof wall and provide nourishment to the inner and outer structures of the hoof wall, ensuring that strength and flexibility is maintained.


When do they need it?


HoofPRIME is beneficial for hoof health year-round.




During the hot, dry conditions of summer, the hoof has the task of cushioning the impact of a moving 500kg horse. A combination of hard, unyielding surfaces and brittle hooves provides a recipe for subsequent hoof damage and potential lameness. Hooves that are not maintained properly can dry out and lose flexibility, as well as become prone to conditions such as contracted heels, navicular syndrome (continual impact of the toe on hard surfaces) and sand cracks.




Autumn and Winter are arguably the harshest times of year for many reasons – temperature variations, wet weather, muddy conditions, less sunlight, no time. We all know the hassles of living in cold, wet weather. While we tend to focus on protecting our horses’ bodies with multiple layers of rugs, the hooves bear the brunt of harsh winter conditions. The hooves may absorb more water and become soft/pliable. This provides an opportunity for organisms to break through the protective barrier of the hoof wall and result in infection.


Features & Benefits


Strengthens, protects and nourishes the hoof wall.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to reduce the risk of infection.

Wet conditions – HoofPRIME acts as a moisture barrier and prevents the hoof from becoming soft.

Dry conditions – the ingredients in HoofPRIME nourish the hoof to maintain strength and flexibility for shock absorption.

HoofPRIME can be used to treat thrush and provide protection after shoeing.

Only need to apply every second day