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Selective grassweed control in turfgrass situations.

DSMA is a common herbicide used throughout

Australia for grassweed control in turfgrass

situations. DSMA CLEAR is a clear aqueous

solution, which means no mixing, no blocked

nozzles no missed strips in the spray pattern and

no risk of powder inhalation which means greater

operator safety.


Over many years DSMA has proven an effective,

reliable selective weed killer. Arguably the most

widely used herbicide on couch, it controls difficult

and unsightly grass weeds in recreational and

sporting turf. Professional Turf Managers have

learned to rely on DSMA in their battle with hard

to control grasses such as Paspalum, Summergrass,

Mullumbimby Couch, Crab grass, Sedges and the

dreaded Nut grass.


DSMA formulations have been getting better, and

more user-friendly. Now Barmac DSMA CLEAR

takes a quantum leap forward over suspended

concentrate DSMA formulations as it is a clear

aqueous free flowing solution, with its own in-built

wetting agent.

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Clearly Quicker

DSMA CLEAR is a true solution so there is no

tedious mixing and no settling out in the mixing

tank. There are no blocked spray nozzles, which

means no time wasted clearing blockages and most

importantly, no missed strips in your spray pattern.

Importantly there is no need to add any wetting


Clearly Easier

DSMA CLEAR solution is easier to measure and

pour than present suspension concentrates.

DSMA CLEAR www.barmac.com.au

Clearly Better

DSMA CLEAR eliminates risk of inhaling powder

or dust, which means a safer workplace for


Clearly Simpler to Use

DSMA CLEAR is a no-mess easy to handle liquid.

Water your turf the day before spraying to ensure the

soil is moist. There is no need for special equipment.

Simply measure, add water and spray. Remember –

no need to add any wetting agent!