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Dried Mealworms for birds, chickens and pets

Dine A Chook is the Number One Brand for All Natural Dried Mealworms. We are the experts in keeping your birds looking great and feeling healthy. Healthy Chickens and Birds have Lustrous, shiny feathers and beaks. Its a sign of a well balanced diet. When birds appear untidy, it can mean they require more protein for healthy feather production. Dried Mealworms are a healthy source of protein, amino acid and nutrients. Like Live Mealworms they are essential in forming part of a balanced diet for pet birds and poultry. There are many reasons Chicken Farmers prefer Dried Mealworms. Being dehydrated they keep their nutritional value and can be stored without spoilling or deteriorating for months. 

Dine a Chook Dried Mealworms details

100 % Natural Mealworms

Contains over 25 000 worms

No chemicals, preservatives or additives

High in protein, amino acids and essential nutrients

No messy live insects with a short shelf life

Can be stored for over 12 months in a cool, dry place without losing nutritional value

Resealable pack for convenience

Recommended for: birds including chickens, poultry and wild birds; reptiles and amphibians; fish; omniverous marsupials and rodents; and other pets.

Typical analysis – 53 % protein, 28 % fat, 6 % fibre, 5 % moisture,

Recommended Use

Dried Mealworms may be used as:

Part of a balanced diet

A healthy nutritious treat

All natural protein supplement

A means of encouraging natural foraging 

Keeps feathers looking great

Ideal for improving the health and performance of moulting, breeding and laying birds

Dehydrated foods such as Dried Mealworms should always be accompanied by ample fresh water. Some pet owners may prefer to rehydrate their Mealworms. Mealworms are not intended for human consumption.