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  • Durable: Cyclone steel troughs are strong, resisting issues found in more conventional poly and concrete troughs such as puncturing or cracking.
  • Steel Construction: Stronger than plastic troughs, lighter than concrete troughs. Hot dipped Galvanised.
  • Manoeuvrable: When empty, Cyclone steel troughs can easily be relocated or transported
  • Heat Dissipation: Steel is a superior thermal conductor which will assist in dissipating heat in the water better than plastic or concrete troughs.
  • Independent Feet: Cyclone steel troughs sit above the ground due to their clever feet design and steel construction method, allowing water to stay cooler due to air flow around the trough.
  • Easy Cleaning: Cyclone steel troughs feature a 4 ½” bung on the bottom of the trough, allowing for quick and efficient water removal and easier cleaning.
  • Dual Valve Inlet sizes: Cyclone troughs feature 1 inch (25mm) and 2 inch (50mm) valve inlet options and Cyclone Supa Troughs feature 2 inch (50mm) and 3 inch (75mm) valve inlet options providing flexible valve installation and water flow rate options across the range.
  • Valve Cover: Steel valve cover over valve/float – prevents damage by livestock and provides easy access to adjust float.
  • Easy Installation: Cyclone steel trough’s feet design assists in easy installation and levelling due to ground preparation requirements for the feet only, peg down points contained within the feet also assist in locating and anchoring down the trough if desired.