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Under field conditions Cupricide is effective in controlling a wide

spectrum of algae including: Chara, Spirogyra, Cladophora, Vaucheria,

Ulothrix, Microcystis and Oscillatoria. For planktonic (suspended)

algae and free-floating filamentous algae mats, application rates

should be based upon treating only the upper 50

to 100cm of water where algae is growing. Under heavy

infestation treat only 1/2 to 1/3 of the water body at a time to

avoid fish suffocation caused by oxygen depletion from decaying

organic matter. Allow 2 weeks for oxygen levels to recover before

repeat applications of Cupricide.

10. Can Cupricide be used to kill aquatic weeds?

Field studies have shown that Cupricide is effective in killing the aquatic weeds Elodea, Hydrilla, Duck Weed, Curly Pond Weed and Ribbon Weed at a concentration of 1.0 ppm Copper when treating the whole body of water. Some species of fish are sensitive to copper levels and even this low level can be toxic to them (Refer to Newsletter No 210). Thus before treating aquatic weeds the flora and fauna must be considered and action should only be considered after a thorough risk assessment is conducted. Please refer to the product label for more details.