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Also known as chainmesh, Chainlink is one of the oldest forms of wire based fencing. Longlife Blue Chainlink is produced from 2.50mm – 3.15mm wire and is galvanized to the Australian standards. Waratah Longlife Blue Chainlink also features Waratah’s Longlife blue wire coating for maximum corrosion protection which has been proven to last at least 9 times longer than standard galvanized and at least 1.5 times longer than heavy galvanized wire.

Longlife Blue Chainlink can be used for a variety of domestic, commercial or industrial applications. Factory/building enclosures, temporary fencing, wildlife highway barriers, sporting enclosures, and erosion control are some common applications.

There are two categories that serve as a guide to the type of application suited to Chainlink:

– Light duty – (2.50mm wire diameter) should be used for light industrial applications where security and durability of a lower priority

– Heavy duty – (3.15mm wire diameter) should be used when higher security and durability is required from a rigid fabric