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Ready to use broad-spectrum worm drench for control of benzimidazole sensitive mature and immature roundworms and lungworm in sheep, cattle and goats

Aid in the control of tapeworm in sheep, cattle and goats.

Trade Advice

Category: Internal Parasites

Species: Sheep, Beef and Dairy Cattle and Goats 

Active: 25g/L Fenbendazole

Pack Size: 1L, 5L

Withholding Periods: Meat (sheep, goats, cattle) = 14 days, ESI (sheep, cattle) = 14 days, Milk (Cattle) = Nil, Milk (Goats) = 24 hours (2 milkings), Milk (Sheep) = do not use in ewes where milk may be used for human consumption

Storage: Store below 30 degrees