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At Coastal Rural Traders WE KNOW... Poultry and Birds!  

We stock and recommend AVIGRAIN and RIDLEY BARASTOC poultry grains and feeds. Our shop carries the widest range of poultry and bird feed, chook feed, chicken feed, waterers and feeders, bird wire and health care on the Central Coast AND we have staff with the knowledge to help you care for them. We sell such large volumes of poultry and bird feed, that we get FRESH deliveries EVERY week!

If you are just starting out with chooks or want young stock, we can put you in touch with breeders. Once a month we have a "pullet pickup" day - you order in advance from a selection of chook breeds, and pickup at our yard direct from the breeder!

Poultry Scracth mix Avigrain We recommend and stock Barastoc poultry feed   
  • Chick starter & grower         
  • ''Golden Yolk'' Barastock Layer Pellets
  • Top Layer Mash & Poultry Grain Mix
  • Poultry Breeder & Finisher
  • Turkey starter & grower
  • Also straight bags of cracked corn, wheat, sunflower seed, barley, oats. All in big 20kg bags or 5kg packs
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chook feed central coast
Poultry products, chicken feed
We supply bedding Straw - Shellgrit - Chicken wormers and medicines - lice powder - agricultural lime

Fox Light - night predator deterrent
Protect your chooks, birds and lambs from night time attack from foxes and other predators. Battery powered, put out flickering light that mimics you out with a torch! only $85.00
Fox light
Bird feeders and waterers
We supply both poly and galvanised feeders and waterers
  • Galvanised wire netting: comes in three heights for building your own chicken run
  • Wooden or galvanised chicken coops/nest boxes
bird feeders
bird seed We stock and recommend Avigrain - Breeders Choice bird seed
  • We get fresh seed weekly and supply in either big 20kg bags or smaller 5kg packs.
  • Wild Bird Mix - our own CRT blend to suit local wild bird population
  • Canary seed and mix
  • Budgie mix   - Finch mix  - "Swift" Pidgeon mix
  • Parrot, Small Parrot, Peachface and Fruit N Nut mix
  • Black and Grey-striped Sunflowers
  • White and red millets, cracked corn, safflower, milo, tonic mix, wheat, oats, barley and fine shellgrit
bird poultry products
Bird feed, poultry products Have a look at our range of feeders, chicken waterer, waterers, bird toys, wormers and supplements, nest boxes and nesting materials

We buy the larger bird/parrot cages with stands when they are "On Special" and pass those prices onto you - check out our pricing!

steel-wire-netting for bird and chooks

We sell a large range of bird cages and bird aviary

Bird cage Gosford Aviary bird cages Flight bird cage Traditional budgie cage patio aviary
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