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At Coastal Rural Traders...WE KNOW...Pest Control!

Whether it's rats & mice, termites, ants fleas spiders, feral rabbits, feral cats or foxes - at Coastal Rural Traders we have the resources to get rid of these annoying, damaging pests and pesticides! We know pest control central coast.

Good value myna brid trap Myna Bird Traps- having trouble with pesky MYNA birds?

This trap has been designed and tested in Australia. It is very effective and works using Myna bird behaviour - only catches Myna birds as they are the only birds to walk through a "tunnel" into the cage.
Myna bird traps
Tomcar red blocks
bait station
For rats and mice pest control, we use and recommend Tomcat and Bromakil brand products

Both brands over presentation in poisoned grain, pellets or blocks and in sizes from 140gm to 15kg deoending on the product. Ask our staff which size and product is best for your situation  We recommend the use of Bait Stations - either rat or mouse, to hold the baits safe from pets, poultry and children!

Prefer the traditional method? We carry a range of rat and mouse snap traps, sticky glue boards and live catch traps.

Bromakil products, pest control central coast
Sentinel Q Snake repeller Solar powered SNAKE REPELLER

Keep snakes away from home, sheds and backyards with SENTINEL Q Snake Repellers. Designed in Australia for Australian snakes - puts out a 20 mtr radius vibration to deter snakes. Two units per pack $110.00

Sentinel Q

Snake repeller

Fox light
Out of Bounce

Fox Light - night predator deterrent

Protect your chooks, birds and lambs from night time attack from foxes and other predators. Battery powered, put out flickering light that mimics you out with a torch!   only $99.00

Termites are a really serious and expensive problem in coastal areas

We stock Out of Bounds - one of the best over the counter termicides. Talk to our staff about how to treat termites yourself in a safe and effective manner.

We carry a range of Flea - Spider - Mite treatments that are safe and effective for both indoor and outdoor situations


Bunnybait, rabbit pest control central coast Feral Rabbits a problem?

Talk to us about rabbit control central coast and Bunnybait, a pindone coated oat feed that can be safely used around your farm. Comes in 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg size buckets, complete with simple to use instructions.

bait-station, possum traps central coast Possums, Foxes, Feral Cats, Feral Rabbits

Coastal Rural Traders has a range of Live catch traps. Talk with our staff about your problem like possum traps central coast, and we will advise the best attractants and methods of catching these nuisance pests. Some of these larger traps are available for hire.

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