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At Coastal Rural Traders WE KNOW.... Home Gardens!

agri boost pellets
Buffalo Booster fertiliser, buffalo lawn fertiliser
sugar cane mulch
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Trans Tank International
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Weed control sprayer tank trailer
Home Gardeners love visiting our store, they love the fact they get...
  • BIG bags of fertiliser and plant food
  • Bulk quanties of garden hay and sugar cane mulch
  • We load their cars! or will deliver
  • Staff who want to help them!
  • Staff with actual practical knowledge!
  • One stop shopping for everthing for the garden as well as pet food and accessories, fencing and water tanks
  • "I love the smell of your store!" we hear this comment everyday!
For the Lawn
  • Lawn fertiliser in 5kg or 25kg bags, Shirley's No.17, Aftergraze, Banana Special, Sulphate of Ammonia, Dynamic Lifter
  • Our spring Daily Double - bag of Shirley's No.17 for the lawn and Dynamic Lifter Agriboost pellets for flowering and vegetable garden - most popular sale in spring!
  • Some gardeners add a few bags of lime or dolomite for the soil too!
  • Specialise Buffalo lawn fertiliser like Buffalo Booster and weed spray, safe to use on Buffalo grass like Bindie and Sir Walter Buffalo Weeder
  • Coastal soils are acid soils, so we sell Agricultural Lime to raise the PH
  • Army worm/lawn grub is always a problem in coastal lawns - we carry a wide range of pesticides for small to large area lawns, try Lorsban for large area lawns or Chemspray Lawn Grub Killer for normal residential size lawns
For the Flowering Garden and Vegetable Garden
  • We recommend Patons fertilisers as they have high quality, plant specific fertilisers like Patons Native Plant Food and Azalea and Camellia Fertiliser
  • If you want a general purpose fertiliser for flowering garden, shrubs, trees, potted colour - we suggest Organic Life from Terra Firma (enriched with seaweed meal, blood N bone and fish meal) or Multigro by Incitec, or premium fertiliser Nitraphoska Blue
  • We carry a wide range of insectides, fungicides and herbicides for the home garden and the larger vegetable gardener - both chemical and organic
  • Potting mixes and mulches - Sugar Cane Mulch in larger compressed bales, garden lucerne hay, as well as Mushroom compost, screened Cow manure, Organic potting mix, Lush Growth premium potting mix, Terracotta & Tub mix, Orchid mix, seed raising mix, Searles 5 in 1 compost mix.
Trans Tank International – Manufacturers of Australia’s Safest Tanks and Trailers
  • Tried and tested liquid transport products, proven to withstand Australian conditions. Water Cartage, Dust Suppression, Spraying, Fire Fighting and Diesel Transfer - TTi products guarantees versatility as well as value for money.
  • Coastal Rural Traders stock sprayers and diesel refuelling units and we can source the full range of TTi products.
  • TTi has over sixteen years of industry experience and is committed to your safety. The standard colour, Safety Green, has been deliberately chosen to make you stand out, both in the workplace and on the road.
bindie lawn weeder
lawn food
Patons logo
azalea and camelia food

Oska rakes Sprinkler
pool chemicals
pool filters Shoof logo
Water tanks, watering systems
Solo backpack sprayer
Watering Systems
  • We only stock high quality, reinforced garden hoses that won't kink or crack!
  • We carry 12mm and 18mm hoses in 18mtr, 30mtr and 100mtr lengths, and both brass and plastic hose and tap fittings. We recommend the Neta brand
  • Wide variety of sprinklers also stocked in brass and plastic
  • Micro-Irrigation is very popular for efficient watering of gardens. We carry large quantity of micro polypipe and fittings to set your garden up
  • We have been selling water tanks for over 25 years to both residential and farm. We carry Rapidplas and Poly Water Tanks, and offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.
Garden Tools
  • As a CRT store we are distributors for Oska range of quality hand tools - come with 10 year warranty
  • Wheels barrows, garden carts, fertiliser hand, push and pull behind lawn mower fertiliser spreaders
  • Solo brand 5ltr hand and 15ltr backpack sprayers - both domestic style and tradesman quality
  • The range of garden products is huge...Weedmat - Hessian - Tomato stakes - Fruit tree bird netting - mesh for passionfruit vines - avairy mesh - black plastic - pest control for possums, cats, rats

Come by our store and marvel at the range, and take in that old fashion stock feed smell!

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