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At Coastal Rural Traders WE KNOW.... Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas and Pigs!

Graeme, Denise and Pete all have hands-on farming experience with cattle, goats and sheep, so chat to one of them for practical advice on caring, feeding, farm equipment, animal health, farm supplies, fencing on your property! We stock a range of quality stockfeed Central Coast - both pellets and mixes:

calf pellets

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  • Russels Calf Pellets 20kg
  • Barastoc Cattle Fattener
  • Horse'n Dairy Meal
  • Stud mix
  • Whole and crushed oats - whole and crushed Barley - whole and cracked corn - crushed
  • Mineral salt blocks - molasses based blocks - trace element blocks
  • Vaccines and vaccinators
  • A range of lucerne, oaten, and grass/meadow hays
  • CRT Calf Milk Replacer
  • Ridley Agri Products
sheep supplies Sheep
  • Sheep nuts
  • Stud Mix
  • Oats, corn and barley
  • Mineral and Trace elements blocks
  • A range of grades of lucerne hay and grass hay
  • Vaccine
  • Palastart Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer
Hay and stockfeed central coast
Goats central coast Alpacas Central Coast
  • Alpaca Stud mix
  • Alpaca Pellets
  • Oaten and Lucerne Chaffs or 50/50 mix chaff
  • Range of grades of lucerne hay
Goats Central Coast
  • Stud Mix
  • Goat/sheep Pellets
  • Go Block mineral lick specifically for goats
  • Prime and rough lucerne hay and grass hay
  • Vaccine
  • Palastart Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer
Hay delivery to your property

Pig-supplies Pigs
  • Pig Grower pellets
  • Corn, barley, lupins - crushed or whole
  • BAYMEC and CYDECTION pour-on drenches for cattle in small herd sizes: 1 ltr treats 5-6 head & larger herd sizes - 5 ltr treats 20-25 head
  • Range of Oral sheep/goat/alpaca drenches in small farm size packs, and drenching equipment to suit
  • Lice and Tick treatments in small farm pack sizes

farm gates and fencing Fencing
  • Netting - 50mtr rolls various hole sizes and heights
  • Hinge-joint (100 & 200 mtr rolls)
  • Weldmesh - rolls, sheets or cut to length
  • Plain and barbed wire - large and small rolls
  • Farm Gates - from 1 mtr to 4mtr
  • Steel posts, concrete posts and strainers
  • More information see Fencing product range
Wire and netting for farms

Throughs, feeders
Radigel, farm animals first aid
Feed and water troughs
  • Auto D waterers - poly, gal or stainless steel
  • Rapidplas heavy duty water and feed troughs on skids from 2ft to 8ft
  • Large range of rubber, poly, gal buckets and feeders
  • Range of over-fence feeders, waterers and hay racks
  • Chaff bins and feed storage drums - gal and poly

Grooming and handling

  • Halters and lead ropes for cattle, goats, sheep, alpacas
  • Grooming brushes, mitts, shampoos
  • In our animal health area, we carry antiseptic sprays, wound treatment, bandages and mineral supplements
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