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At Coastal Rural Traders WE KNOW.... Electric Fencing!

We stock and sell with confidence Thunderbird and Daken electric fencing Central Coast
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Thunderbird Fence energisers
daken fence energiser

We have the widest range and quantity of Electric Fencing and its accessories on the Central Coast. Our staff are very experienced in installing, using and fault-finding - we have all used it extensively with horses, cattle, goats, sheep and dogs! 

We carry a range of electric fence energisers to suit your particular situation

While 240v (mainspower) units are the most reliable source of power, often you don't have the access to that power source, so you need to decide battery energisers or solar energisers - we carry all three types of energisers.

We mainly carry the smaller distance units - 2klm, 5klm up to 35klms, but we can readily get the larger units if required.

Need some help in understanding and setting up electric fencing? Click here for Electric Fencing Manual

Energiser not working?

1. We can do a quick 'in store" test of your energiser.
2. Then if required, we can send your energiser off for repairs to the supplier to get a quote.
3. We discuss (with you) the quote of the repair job and compare the cost of repairs vs benefits of new energiser.
4. This could be $$$$'s saved and longer warranty!
Solar energiser
Solar fence energiser central coast
Thunderbraid We carry all the components to build your electric fence
  • Turbo Braid from Gallagher
  • Templec electric fencing wire by Waratah
  • Gate handles, spring gate kits, tape joiners, bullnose end strainers,
    earth stakes, warning signs, wire wind-up reels, lightning diverters
  • Electric Fence Testers - 5 lite, digital or directional fault finders

wood insulators
steel post insulators
plastic insulators
electric temporary fencing posttemporary posts
Hot tape for fencing

Hot Tape - in white or orange, 100mtr, 200mtr or 400mtr rolls

Insulators - for wood or steel post - outrigger style or traditional

Tread-In temporary posts - several types to choose from

insulated wire strainer

How to build a 130 Head Yard in under a day

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